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A night of theatre! Miranda is acting in 'Good Friends Productions,' inaugural performance, Four Plays & A Poem, April 6th at Highside Workshop in Brooklyn...

Good Friends Productions

This spring, Miranda performs as Ismene in a new modern adaptation of Antigonewritten and directed by Daniel Libin.

Miranda Renée in 'Steal the Bacon'
Miranda Renée (Raya) in 'Steal the Bacon' opposite Lily Ganser (Teddy)
Miranda Renée in 'Steal the Bacon'

Miranda stars as the electric & disarming Raya, a high school soccer captain struggling with her identity, in Angeline DiMambro’s

Steal the Bacon, which will premiere at the 2023 Columbia University Film Festival before launching a larger festival campaign.  


Miranda Renée as Jade in 'Earth to Venus'

Miranda performed in the premiere of 

Earth To Venus, devised by Rachel Collignon. She helped create her character, Jade; a misunderstood writer desperate to get published who spends her time in and out of psych wards.

"Her Philomele was contagious in her enthusiasm and gut-wrenching in her experience of sickening male coercion."

Miranda participated in Atlantic’s ‘Throughline Festival’ where she directed, choreographed, & led a production of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Greek tragedy; The Love of the Nightingalea feminist retelling of the Ovidian myth that follows the rape of Philomela.

Full cast includes; Miranda Renée as Philomele, Christine Treuhold as Procne, Xander Furman as Tereus, Grace Rucci as Iris, Olivia Rubin as June,

Sammy Overton as Hero, Helen Owolabi as Helen, Kaila Galinat as Echo,

& James Overton as Captain.

Directed by; Miranda Renée

Sound Design by; Charlie Lockwood

Lighting by; Rachel Collignon & Sara Santucci

"(Philomele) seemed to be fighting against the very nature of the world that Miranda so meticulously crafted as the creator of the piece. Quite an amazing achievement as an actor-director."

Miranda Renée (Clov) in 'Endgame' opposite James Overton (Hamm)

"We saw the impressive physical commitment of her Clov (we basically started to sweat along with her as we put ourselves in her shoes, the shoes of endless physical tasks completed for Hamm.)"

Some other festival performances included;

Clov in Beckett’s Endgame,

Gertrude in Hamlet,

& Anna in Pinter’s Old Times.

Miranda Renée (Gertrude) in 'Hamlet' opposite Grace Rucci (Hamlet)
Miranda Renée (Anna) in 'Old Times' opposite Christine Treuhold (Kate)

"Her Anna was full of finesse but also frighteningly poised and seemed to be tough as nails, physically relaxed, and thus able to perform Pinter with ease and simplicity. "

Miranda performed as Wanda, who has to help a woman give birth after accidentally eating pot brownies, in Laundromat directed by Mahima Saigal, as part of Atlantic's One-Act Play Festival.

"She is a great comedic actress and really leans towards the big choices (which I loved and enjoyed) She exudes an infectious energy and commands the stage with her presence."

Miranda Renée (Wanda) in 'Laundromat' opposite Jasmine K. Bernard (Kitty)
Miranda Renée (Wanda) in 'Laundromat' opposite Zoe Dean (Shelly) & Jasmine K. Bernard (Kitty)
Miranda Renée in 'Laundromat'

*quotes from various members of the Atlantic faculty

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